Saturday, February 13, 2010

CNY eve!!!

its 30 mins to CNY, year of the tiger!!
:D cant wait for the angpao's visiting people, eating and many more.. :)
with all the crackers in the air.. hehe
cny, here i come!!
will post new post later hahaha

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Food Galore..

Now.. somehow im feeling in love with cooking French cuisine?? i dunnoe why.. but its sooo nice to see, and delicious to eat!! haha.. but me cook??? kinda disastrous i think.. but will start soon!!

Bon Apetite!!

hi peeps!

well, its been 11 days since i last blog.. which is loong.. haha
well, today i went and catch the movie Legion at Sunway Pyramid with friends. found the movie quite nice, but my frens pula say not dat great lar.. hw lar angels become bad.. God lost faith.. haha

oh well.. haha.. every man has their own perspective on anything they discuss on right?
they should have, its call freedom of speech bla bla bla, which i sumhow feel lacks in M'sia.
erm.. damn it lar..

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Update :D

yay!! i successfully fixed my own motorbike. yes, myself made it happen!
wakkakka, n now i save rm170 :D
can dis day get any better :P

Can this year start any worst -.-

damn!! today is the day i leave melaka and return to KL, coz semester gonna commence soon.. and dang KL.. reach KL, traffic jam.. naik LRT, da blardy lrt breakdown pulak.. from 20 mins journey become 1hour+ journey.. all exhausted, alas, reached home.. unpacked everything, clean up, lunch time. . :D go to basement.. go to motorbike, take 30mins to fix it up back ( coz b4 left for melaka, disconnected da battery, fuel direction).. then couldn't start.. after few tries, hey presto, it could. but petrol left 1%.. so go out to pour petrol.. halfway journey, mati enjin! walao, middle of the road no petrol sial. chuak sai suddenly see cars zoooom past me in kl.. then puuushh the bike to petrol station which is 10 mins away.. then isi minyak.. and here shit happens.. it wouldn't start.. try and try and try, still wouldn't. tngk minyak ada, spark plug ok, fuel thought engine cold.. so wait. and wait.. and wait..then try again, still cant!! walao.. call fren, for nearest motorshop, then fren replied " wei, u wan motor shop for wat? ur motorbike leave there, go buy new 1 lar ".. asshole punya fren.. den have to puuuuuuuussssshhh da bike again ( i stresses push even longer coz even further da distant have to push, and damn it, uphill!!) all da way to da motor shop.. luckily at dat moment, roads jam. or not how lar i wanna push motor bike across highway.. den go to da shop, da bugga tell me carburettor spoil lar, must open check lar, this lar dat lar.. how lar da carb can spoilt if i manage to ride for 5 mins.. den now im transportless!! tomorrow ownself do service.. if service jadi, i save rm170+(dat same bugga quote this price to fix my motor).. haiz.. wat a wonderful start to da new year.. baru 1 week.. hahha, how lucky am i.. wat are the odds of all this happening IN THE SAME day.. but i wun curse, no cursing.. new year resolution, stop cursing.. its sooo hard not to curse those people that deserves it? haha.. well, im blabbering to much.. blogs arnt supposed to be loong and all wordy.. so here's a pic or 2 :D
haha, those 2 rmaf engine got stolen this way, according to our A.G. and I.G.P. dumbass fellow..
how lar can 2 ppl mastermind the whole plan? from dismantling it from da plane, transport it into a vehicle, transport it out of da forces base, go all da way to to sumwhere wif a boat, and have all contacts to sell it it argentina lar, uruguay lar.. walao, stupid top brass lar.. kita malaysians lar, pandai, bukan malaySIAL.. all races also know how to think, dun la think fool us..
u ppl chase RPK around da globe, these 2 engines dunnoe where.. haha, sarcasm to the core.
aik, i talked too much again..
well, merry xmas, happy new year, and get back to schools/universities/colleges!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

shopping :D

damn.. cant get enough of those freaking holiday sales..
everywhere sale! 30%,50%, 70% pun ada! walao tempting like mad..
soo, went to Body Glove, and, wat samo shop lar haha!


bits and parcel of 2009

2 weeks had gone by without me updating my blog. so unusual of me haha
well, now we're in 2010, adios to 2009.. another year older, another year wiser?? I don't think so -.- .. many things happened in 2009.. most paramount, enrolled into tertiary education at Unitar Petaling Jaya.. out of my comfort zone, but wat da heck, i can live anywhere, why worry bout kl? nothing great :P in that year also went travelling alot.. genting, perak, sunway and many other places forgotten.just hoping that the new year brings a new beginning for me, in all ways more than one. bon voyage in our journey thru 2010, and b4 u noe it, sudah sampai 2011 pulak.. =.=
well, so long for now!! TC
new oakley shades :D
Da Vinci exhinition at national science center.. dissapointing -.-
1 of a kind toasted bread found in perak onli :D